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Date: October 11th to 14th
12pm and 3pm Venue Dunbrody Famine Ship
Ticket: €22.50


Drawing on his experiences as a merchant seaman, Eugene O’Neill wrote four plays set on the fictitious ship, the “SS Glencairn”. The four one-act plays—his very early play, Bound East for Cardiff (1914), and three plays written three and four years later, The Long Voyage Home, In the Zone, and The Moon of the Caribees—feature the same cast of characters in various situations on the ship and on land. The plays concern themselves not just with the relationships and bonds of sea-going men but with greater questions about the human condition and what O’Neill spoke of as the “tragedy of fate” symbolised by the ocean itself.

Dunbrody Famine Ship

These plays are presented in the unique setting on-board the SS Dunbrody. The setting on board the ship is appropriate as the Dunbrody was the sister ship of the India, the ship on which James O’Neill and family left for America.

Thursday 10th, Friday 11th, Saturday 12th, and Sunday 13th October
O’Neill’s S.S. Glencairn Cycle performed on-board the Dunbrody Famine Ship

Bound East for Cardiff, The Long Voyage Home, and In the Zone. These 3 one act plays presented in one sitting lasting approx. 1 hour.